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    Hello. Let me start by saying my phone normally does this, so rebooting wasn't an issue (cause it never has been), I listen to music on my phone and for some strange reason, sometimes when I do this, no sound comes out of it (GP Music app) or it just doesn't play (Stock LG Music App) and YT is just fine... normally when this happens, I just reboot it, and everything goes hunky-dory. Boot times normally take around 40 seconds to 1 Minute, however, this time, I rebooted, and my phone stayed on the LG Logo for what seemed like 2 whole Minutes, and after that, it is to the Metro Logo for god knows how long, it sticks on there for what seems like ever, and is not doing anything but staying there, and idk what to do. I can't take it to Metro now, cause it is rooted, and they wont take it back, cause after they see that the Recovery it TWRP, they will tell me there is nothing they can do. Please Please Please help me, anyone as I do not know what to do. I am a 15 year old with no job, and a useless $170 phone that my Mom bought me, and don't say that it is caused from root, cause I know for a 100% fact that is not the issue, it just randomly happened out of nowhere, and now I'm stuck with a brick (I think)
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    03-06-2016 09:32 PM
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    Hello ,

    im sorry to hear about your phone . sometimes a long boot will happen and when it does happen try your best to wait it out and to fully boot . did you ever get your phone back up and running ? if not , i might be able to give you a hand in trying to get it working again .

    So far all i know that you are on metro PCS with a custom recovery on a LG G Stylo that wont boot . what have you tried and what all modes work i.e Recovery,fastboot and so on ? And are you on Windows, Mac , Linux ?
    03-09-2016 07:44 PM

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