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    I am also facing such problem since 18 March 2016 after system upgrading. For last one year I have no issue related to USB connectivity as well as internet connectivity. On 18 March this year my Mob. (Moto G 2nd Gen) system was updated after that I am unable to view the pics and file in my SD card as well as internal memory when connect to my PC. I am using Window 7 OS in my PC. I have following problems after upgrading the system:

    1. I am unable to access internet from slot 2 SIM but no issue with slot 1 SIM. I checked it by changing the SIM from slot 1 to 2 and vice versa.
    2. When I connect mob with USB autorun option appears, when I click on ‘open device to view file’ or double click on mobile icon in my computer window then only blank window appears it doesn’t show any folder (internal storage/ SD card). So I am unable to view and transfer file to PC. However I can see all the pics in mob.

    I will highly thankful if anyone can help me.
    03-22-2016 12:08 AM

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