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    Sometime in the last 24 hours, "SIM Toolkit" appeared in my app drawer. Since I did not install this app, I went searching for it. I found references to a SIM Toolkit app back to 2010, and then some spotted posts between then and December, 2014. Some claim it is a system app and has always been on most phones out there. Some claim that it is based on the type of SIM card you have in the phone. Some claim that opening the app gives you options for ring tones and other calling features.

    In the App options I cannot disable it. So, I threw security out the window and tried to open it. It blinked, and did not do anything obvious. I rebooted the phone, it was still there.

    Then, 5 minutes later, it was no longer in the app drawer. However, it is still in the apps list in settings/apps.

    What's the real story with this app? Is it part of the system? Why did it temporarily show in the app drawer? Do I need to do a factory reset to get rid of it?

    03-24-2016 09:24 AM

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