1. rytymu's Avatar
    I just got an Atrix, and about 10-12 of my album covers will not show up (out of about 500 total songs). Yes, the images are written to the id3 tags directly, and all of them show up on other phones perfectly (I came from a myTouch 4G, also put the card in a Inspire 4G), as well as any computer. I have tried 3 factory resets, two memory card formats (one quick, one full), re-writing the images to the tags, and two other media players (winamp and Mixzing). All songs were tagged by mediamonkey, and all files are mp3s. For some maddening reason, these 10 or so album covers will not display properly in any music app on the Atrix.

    What am I missing? Any other Atrix user having the same issues?
    03-08-2011 05:51 PM