1. charlesxy's Avatar
    I currently have the Galaxy S3. I've had for over 2 years now and have generally been happy with it. I can now either upgrade to a S5 or S7 for $250 more than I would pay for the S5.

    Do people generally feel the S7 is worth the extra cost?

    How is the battery life and pic quality compared to the 5?

    04-06-2016 11:30 PM
  2. H3aTeRzz's Avatar
    Hi Charles!

    Hope this helps:

    Me, personally, would always get the newer phone, if it were in my budget. Other advice i would offer...if you get the s7, DO NOT UPDATE to MarshMallow, "yet," as it would appear in my opinion, that the s7 has had its share of issues, when users did the upgrade. Just my opinion.

    04-06-2016 11:43 PM
  3. charlesxy's Avatar
    Thanks, Chris. I do not know what "MarshMallow" is, but your video and comments are worth considering.
    04-07-2016 12:02 AM
  4. H3aTeRzz's Avatar

    Marshmallow, is the named used for the latest major software upgrade for Samsung! It's version 6.0. The version you'll hopefully have at the time when you purchase the new phone, if you do, would be 5.1.1.

    I'm sure they'll get the bugs worked out, and it'll be awesome.
    04-07-2016 02:26 AM
  5. charlesxy's Avatar
    04-27-2016 09:48 AM

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