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    I have been iPhone user since beginning and I truly wanted to switch due that I do quantum math and android has many nice aps for math and geometry.

    But truly I'm frustrated I feel like I get so many bugs and maleware I never had on iPhone.
    I truly feel some is controlling my phone and switch settings all the time.
    I switch app permission in settings and after 10 seconds the same settings is cganged
    I tried many anti virus app and still feel android is very hackable and I truly don't feel secure on it. Due that many apps get access to your system by default and non Stop controlling your phone and apps start automatically. People talk about all those great hardware features of phones but the major one is not working right and its called vulnerable security and I never felt like this on iPhone and never had so that many apps start randomly in background and steal your data or run in background without you ever allowing it. Maybe I'm newbie to android but I feel either I'm stupid and I do something wrong or android is designed so to screw average people. I have no time cleaning my phone whole day long and that's been my android experience. Even apps fight with one another like I installed few keyboards to try and keyboards are switching automatically. I will give a try few more days and if frustration continues I go back to Iphone. People fight what android phone gas better camera but for me it's not about phone but about experience and so far has been frustrating. Dont want to boost bill gates but I feel he was right when he said that android users are frustrated
    I'm one and had the best intention to switch to android for work and productivity but I have been sad about this.
    I never had problems with iphone and my question is why do I have such bad experience with it?
    I'm not dumb guy but I can see why average people will hate android
    Why it has to be so?
    04-10-2016 08:23 AM
  2. ldwhitley's Avatar
    Which android phone did you buy? Some android phones add a layer of 'help' to 'improve the user experience', and often, that help is unnecessary, unwanted and confusing.. Samsung is notorious for this sort of thing, but it is far from the only phone maker to do so. There are measures with Samsung to return the phone to something much closer to a 'pure' android experience, but they can get a little involved for an android newbie. If you google 'how to un-touchwiz' you'll find help in doing this - a lot of people have the same problem. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab-S2 and did something very similiar to this 10 Ways To Remove Samsung Bloatware From Your Galaxy S5 to un-touchwiz it.

    04-10-2016 10:34 AM
  3. kramer5150's Avatar
    You have some sort of malware... Or something running rogue and re-setting app permissions. Permissios shouldnt be setting themselves. You set them and it should be locked.

    I use app ops to quickly and premanently lockout my app permissions.

    What apps have you installed?... Where did you install them from?

    What does your battery usage monitor look like?... Often times its a good indicator for background running apps.

    Might be time to delete them one at a time, hopefully at some point you will re gain control, and figure out which ones can be trusted.

    Delete / un install whatever carrier bloat you can. On verizon DTignite and go90 are the worst offenders.

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    04-10-2016 03:15 PM

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