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    So I'm a new user of Windows 10, which so far am fairly satisfied with how it integrates a Windows PC with Tablet functionality. It's not quite seamless and can be a tad non-intuitive, however, I'm learning my way through it and genuinely quite like the Windows 10 experience. That aside, I find myself looking for a decent Android emulator so that I can run all of my Android programs on my new Windows 10 device. As a result, I am reaching out to the Android community to see if anyone has any experience with Windows based Android emulators, that provides a Windows 10 based Tablet, to perform quickly and seamlessly as an Android Tablet.

    My system:

    Windows 10 x64
    HP Pavilion x2 w/13" screen
    4 GB RAM
    128 GB SSD
    Note: System features a detachable keyboard/trackpad that allows you to switch between Tablet and PC mode.


    Since Bluestacks is the mainstream Android solution for PC users, I tried this first. Let's be clear about something right off the bat; Bluestacks V1.x will not operate on my machine unless it's the Version 2.x. Countless previous V1.x were tried but they all left me hanging at the "Bluestacks is initializing" window (I've had no issues running Bluestacks V1.x from Windows 7, 8.1). One of the V1.x Bluestacks installations would also not un-install from the windows app screen which lead me to booting in Safe Mode to delete program files manually. Big time ****-off!

    So I was finally able to uninstall Ver 1 and downloaded a new fresh version 2. The first install hung up and required re-installation. Ouch ... no possibility of clean install with this darn program! Finally got the Bluestacks installation to load and my first operation was to login to the Android interface with one of my 3 Google accounts, and again, more problems. Bluestacks reports no reply from Google servers. Try to login with different account, and same issue!! Try third Google account, and same issue!! Perform system Reset!!!!! Oh amazingly the Google servers work now.... Ok let's install Clash of Clans and login with my Android ID. Works like other Windows versions however the touch screen ....sigh.... the touch screen controls aren't even remotely accurate. Many times just trying to select a point would send my entire screen flying off in another direction. Let's not forget the keyboard options, as in where are they? The only way to get keyboard functionality is to have my x2 keyboard attached, no Android keyboard is available, and any input on my touchscreen tablet keyboard doesn't translate to the emulator. This means that every time I want to type anything, I MUST have my external keyboard connected!

    So this is my request to the Android community; please provide your recommendations on a decent Android emulator for a Tablet PC running Windows 10, and for the love of all things good, beware the Bluestacks!!!
    04-17-2016 02:57 AM
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    Just bought a new convertible Tablet PC with Windows 10 and am looking to install a simple Android emulator so I could run my Android apps within my Windows 10 environment.

    My System:

    HP Pavilion x2 w/12 inch screen
    Windows 10 x64
    4 GB RAM
    128 GB SSD
    Note: This system has a detachable external keyboard

    So my first attempt was to go with the #1 mainstream emulator, Bluestacks. After trying several different V1.x, I was unable to get the program past the "Initializing" mode, and decided to install V2.x. The first install of V2.x was corrupt so I had to install a second time, and finally was able to get the program open and running on my pc.

    The first order of operations is to get a gmail account associated with the program, of which I have three. All three failed with Bluestacks errors saying it couldn't communicate with Googles servers. Reboot. Magically we can communicate with Google servers! Logged into one of my accounts and loaded up Clash of Clans for some testing. First off, touchscreen controls were inaccurate and would often cause the screen to shift, just on a simple touch without any hold-and-drag. Secondly, no selection of keyboard use would activate my touchscreen tablet keyboard, nor would bring up any Android keyboard. The only way I could enter any text information, was to connect my detachable keyboard (no tablet functionality whatsoever).

    Now I've never had a really good experience using Bluestacks even with other Windows Operating Systems, but I am interested to hear what some of the Android community have to say regarding their experiences, and whether they can offer a better alternative.

    What I'm looking for is to have an Android experience similar to my Samsung Note5, yet run on a Windows 10 PC.
    04-17-2016 03:22 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central! I merged your two threads, since they're similar and in the same forum.
    04-18-2016 01:32 AM
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    I'm running AmiDuos on my Asus transformer book and it runs ok. It should run quite well in your system. Give it a shot.
    06-13-2016 07:37 PM
  5. ClaireChen's Avatar
    I am using Nox App Player currently on my laptop and it is quite fluent so far. You can have a try~
    06-23-2016 02:27 AM
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