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    We currently have an iPhone 6plus on our existing (More Everything) Verizon plan. The phone has been badly damaged. Instead of using insurance to replace it, we just purchased a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 4G LTE GSM N910V Unlocked 32GB Factory Warranty with Verizon listed as the carrier. However, since we have 13 months of payments left on the current iPhone that is attached to this number, will we have a problem switching to the Note 4? I assume we have to get a SIM card and set it up, but will Verizon make us pay off the remaining 13 months for the iPhone first, or will they leave the contract as-is, and we will continue to pay the monthly installment? I guess the bottom line question is, will switching the phones be easy OR will Verizon give us a problem?
    05-05-2016 08:18 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! My guess is that as long as you continue to pay off the iPhone, they won't care if it's the iPhone on the line or some other phone you provide. You'll have to check with Verizon if that Note 4 can be activated, though
    05-05-2016 03:49 PM

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