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    I had a 3g phone that had a music player installed. It played all of my songs. I got a 4g LG Transpyre and it didn't come with a music player. I have tried 8 or so different music players downloaded from Play Store. All of them find some of my songs but not all of them. I've erased all of my songs and synced them again and still have the same problem. Does it have anything to do with mp3, wma, wav or m4a?
    05-08-2016 07:19 AM
  2. N4Newbie's Avatar
    Can you figure out which ones aren't playing?

    Most every music player should handle mp3 and m4a files; some may have issues with wma and wav files.

    Personally, I convert all my existing cd's music to m4a (I use iTunes to do so but there are other options as well) and my purchased/downloaded music is either mp3 or m4a depending on where I got it. I use Poweramp as my preferred player, but sometimes MusixMatch or Google Play Music.
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    05-08-2016 07:32 AM
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    I'm noticing that it's not playing the wma files. These are files from CD's that I ripped into Windows Media Player.. Do I need a new music player on my computer to rip from?
    05-08-2016 09:34 AM
  4. N4Newbie's Avatar
    05-08-2016 11:50 AM
  5. Tit Elingtin's Avatar
    I figured it out thanks to your link and an app. I transferred everything to Itunes. Itunes free app doesn't seem to sync to Android so I found an app that syncs between the two programs. iTunes to Android | Sync iTunes Library to Android | JRT Studio
    It works great!!! You can only do 100 songs at a time unless you upgrade for $4.99 (Well worth it). They also have one of the best music player apps that is free and ad free.Thanks again!
    05-08-2016 09:00 PM
  6. N4Newbie's Avatar
    Right-click on any song in your iTunes library and click Get Info then click the File tab. Note the location where iTunes is storing your music.

    Now, you have several options:

    1. Connect your phone to your PC with a USB cable. If you are running the latest Android OS (Marshmallow), you will then need to drag down the notification shade on your phone, tap "USB for charging" (something like that) and then select File transfer mode. If you are running an earlier OS version, the technique will be a bit different. In any event, you should be able to see your phone's file storage area using Windows Explorer. Navigate to your phone's Music folder and simply copy/paste the desired folders & files from your iTunes library to your phone.

    2. If you have WiFi in your home, download and install the free version of Airdroid (https://play.google.com/store/apps/d....sand.airdroid). Start Airdroid on your phone and it will tell you to open a browser on your PC and navigate to a specific address (Chrome works best, but you can use any browser). Once you have established an Airdroid connection between your phone and PC, just drag and drop files between the two.
    05-09-2016 07:26 AM

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