1. Elmin Basovic's Avatar
    My gallery isn't working. When I try to open the app the screen flashes for an instant and nothing happens, so.etimes I get the message that the gallery stopped working. I tried factory reset, cache clean ng gallery and media apps and running the phone in safe mode. It all helped me for a few minutes and then I can't open it when I close it. When I take a screenshot and try to open it can't open it but then I can open the gallrey, I take a picture and can't open it on the camera app, but I can open the gallery after trying to open it in the camera app. Also my screen brightness changes to 100% when I turn on my phone but the phine has no lighting sensor. Pkz help me. My phone is LG L Fino
    05-15-2016 11:38 AM
  2. VidJunky's Avatar
    There are so many things going on here, so let's start with your gallery issue. How many photos do you have on the device? Are you backing them up to the cloud, G+, Google Drive, Drop Box? I realize you have factory reset the device did you loose any photos when you did this? Are your photos on an SD?

    Ok, If you have a lot of photos, depending on the device, you may simply be overwhelming it by trying to open the app. I know you probably haven't even touched the phone's "capacity" but some apps under some conditions can still strain the resources of the device even without fully consuming them. In which case if you have a few thousand photos you should consider sending them to some kind of cloud backup. I recommend G+ or Google Drive for 2 reasons, one they are easily shared from either location and Two they are created by Google. I'm not saying that any one is better but Google to Google just seems better to me. Anyway now that I've stopped advertising... Do you have a preinstalled app called Photos? If not it is another Google product that pulls all of your pictures in from all of your storage locations and if it is compatible with your device it is free on the PS. By backing them up and pulling them from Photos you can have all of your media at your disposal without using much of your devices resources. I'm more curious if it allows you to view your photos where the gallery app will not?

    Factory resetting your device is not supposed to cause you to loose any media unless you opt to completely wipe the device. However if you have an SD there are issues that can arise with that communicating with the device. This could be an SD quality issue, a data corruption issue, or any number of other things along those lines. If there is a problem with your SD it could also cause the app to shutdown when it encounters an issue. So remove your SD and try to open the gallery to see if that is the cause of the issue. If the gallery opens without the SD I would find a way to transfer the media off of the SD and attempt to reformat it.

    Now you mentioned that the device is acting shady with the light settings. Full pun intended. That sounds like an app issue, which may also account for your gallery problem. Are you using any camera apps, media players, photo viewers, etc. other than stock items? Try disabling them and restarting the device and see if your gallery function comes back and your screen brightness issue goes away. While your device may not have a light sensor many camera apps read light through the camera sensor and this could bleed over to screen brightness if it's a poor app or if it's just a bug in the app. Post back answers to the questions and what you've tried and we'll go from there.
    05-15-2016 12:11 PM
  3. Elmin Basovic's Avatar
    It's all ok now. The SD was the problem I think. I deleted all photos from it and now it's fine
    05-15-2016 03:35 PM

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