1. nuclearsound72's Avatar
    Hello, I recently switched from an old Galaxy Note 2 to a J3 2016 and I have a problem syncing my e-mails :
    Everything is syncing good, apart from the e-mails I delete on the mac, that still show up on the J3's inbox. It's driving me nuts, because I never changed the settings on the mac app, neither on the server side, and the auto config on the android used to work on my previous phone. I also rechecked on various forums (eg. http://www.imore.com/how-manually-set-icloud-mail-using-imap-and-smtp) the settings that should be made on the android app, but still no luck.
    My settings :
    phone : Samsung J3 2016
    android : 5.1
    phone mail app : "Email" stock app, same result on another tested app, "myMail"
    me.com email adress (imap)
    mac app : "keep deleted messages on the server" ticked and not ticked have the same result.

    Thanks for your help !
    06-03-2016 07:47 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Sorry, I'm not too familiar with Mac programs--is the Mac email app you're talking about accessing your me.com email via IMAP or POP3? If it's POP3, see what happens if you change it to IMAP there as well.
    06-04-2016 01:12 AM

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