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    I bought one of those cheap endoscope cameras on TMart from China. I got it to work on my PC after installing the software it came with but it is absolutely not recognized as even existing on both my Samsung Note 5 or my Galaxy S4. I have used 2 different OTG cable adapters and even tested OTG function by plugging in a USB keyboard that is recognized and works fine. Ihave tried 5-6 different software apps and none see this camera as existing. My Note 5 is stock on Marshmallow and my S$ is rooted and on Lollipop. I even have an old Moto RAZR. It will also not display the image BUT it did recognize it as "USB 2.0 Camera (Etron Technology, Inc.)" It goes to the display screen but there is no image. But at least the RAZR thinks it sees a camera. The Galaxy phones act like there is nothing connected.
    06-09-2016 09:25 PM
  2. chanchan05's Avatar
    On all 3 cases it's just a case of the device not being recognized properly, as there is no software interface fully compatible with the device.
    06-09-2016 09:41 PM
  3. Rukbat's Avatar
    Almost any device that connects to a PC using a driver will not connect to a phone. The drivers are written for Windows and, in some cases, pure Linux, but not Android.
    06-10-2016 02:45 PM

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