1. Igeo091's Avatar
    I have the below issues with my android box:

    1. It keeps on clicking and entering apps by itself, it kicks me out of apps or settings all the time.

    2. It disconnects from the HDMI whenever it feels like it.

    I have tried resetting it but it gets stuck on the logo screen, I can't play around in the settings for too long as it keeps kicking me out and I need to start from the beginning.

    Hope someone can help!!!!
    06-19-2016 05:32 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Probably faulty firmware or hardware, which is not uncommon for these direct-from-China Android TV boxes. The only thing I can suggest is to try booting into Safe Mode, if possible (although I'm not sure if that's possible on these devices).

    You may want to try over at FreakTab, which has a more robust Android TV box discussion: TV Player Support - FreakTab.com
    06-19-2016 11:52 PM

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