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    I keep having issues with receiving text on my phone it's mostly MMS long messages with multiple pages and pictures all I'll receive is a text that says RE: 1/2 RE: 3/3 FW: 1/3 ect. And if I'm in the messenger when it's sent it will show downloading then just switch to one of the RE: 1/3 ect. Mssgs also sometimes regular 1 page messages will show up blank but I know there was an actual mssg because the mssg with words will show up in my notification then when I click on it it's a blank mssg. But the majority of my issues that happens the most are long worded multi media messages. And its not all the time some days are worst then others. I also don't always receive notifications and when I enter the app all my messages randomly start coming through some from hours prior. So aka my messaging app only works when it wants too! Really don't know what to do and I'd like to think I'm pretty good with phones as I've previously worked for ATT Cor store and even then the Orlando Call Center. Please help really can't afford a new phone but really need all my messages to come through!

    Some info about my phone and some things I've done,
    My Lg Stylo on Virgin Mobile network using the original messenger app and I've never jailbroke or anything like that and always keep up to date with my updated and regularly reset and sometimes hard reset my phone. I've cleared all my messages changed the priority to high for MMS and reg messages changed the limits of messaged to save up and down. I'm almost positive it's a software issue with the Android messaging app
    06-27-2016 09:17 PM

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