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    Hello, I have a dragon touch x10 tablet running on lollipop that I am trying to get the screen displayed on an 20" Acer S200HL LCD monitor(just the monitor,NO pc). This monitor doesn't have HDMI port only DVI-D and my tablet has mini HDMI port, so I got a miniHDMI to DVI-D cable(male/male). It is a 19pin DVI-D male and 19pin mini HDMI male if that matters. When I plug the mini HDMI into my tablet nothing happens. My tablet doesn't even recognize the HDMI being plugged into it. Am I completely wrong in thinking this is even possible or could the port on my device be bad, my tablet isn't even 2 weeks old yet. Any help or advice would he greatly appreciated, thank you for reading regardless if your able to help me out or not.
    07-01-2016 11:01 PM

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