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    I Previously had a Rooted S4mini GT-I9195 working perfectly....
    until, i decided to try out custom roms as i was bored of 4.4.2.... I have 2 Problems....Hope u Might hELP....
    (1)i tried out cm13( the latest one), it worked properly for 1 hour or so... but then when i tried downloading gApps, all the gapps were not responding.....i couldnt even open play store..the message was 'Unfortunately, google play services are stopped'
    i cant even open clock due to 'Unfortuntately, clock has stopped'....
    All the other apps are working fine...except for some which i have downloaded from play store( after much difficulty).....
    (2) During the time when i was flashing the rom in cwm recovery mode( install zip)...i had pressed backup/restore....
    now, after using cm13 for 1 day.. the storage of my phone has maxed out...and i can no longer do anything
    on my phone....and when i go to the file manager(device storage)...it only shows 4 folders and there is one folder 'storage' which has a folder 'secure' in it...
    when i try to open it by clicking it, they ask for a password...not knowing the password, i try to check the properties of it to check the storage used y the following folder, but when i do so, a message comes-'SOrry, File MAnager is not responding....
    I----------------------------------PLZ HELP-----------------------------------I
    07-01-2016 11:08 PM
  2. FreyamAndroid's Avatar
    Plz Reply...
    07-02-2016 01:33 AM

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