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    My mums Note 10.1" 2012 sadly died a couple of days ago and I have given her mine to replace it rather than try and educate her in the ways of more up to date versions of Android.

    Unfortunately I am somewhat struggling to find a replacement tab for myself. I have done significant research over the past couple of days and have come to the following conclusions...

    Pixel C - The most powerful Android tablet available but comes with notable issues chief among which are widespread WiFi issues not to mention the lack of expandable storage.

    Nvidea Shield K1 - This would have been my primary choice, sadly it is not available anywhere in the UK at least not from a reputable store or at a sensible price.

    Sony Z4 - Overheating / throttling issues leading to performance over time lacking compared to cheaper alternatives.

    Tab S2 9.7 - Technically a downgrade on the original Tab S and outperformed (gaming wise) by the Yoga 3 Pro.

    iPad Pro 9.7 - It's iOS and not Android so will loose out on all the Google Play purchases I have made in the past.

    Yoga 3 Pro - Half the gaming performance of the iPad Pro and paying for a projector I have little interest in but it is £200 cheaper than the 128GB Pro 9.7.

    Nexus 9 - Again doesn't seem to be available from any reputable sources in the UK.

    As far as I can see its a toss up between the Yoga 3 Pro (£399) which appears to be half the tablet the Pro 9.7 is but will allow me to keep my existing software library. Or pay £200 more for the Pro 9.7 128GB which appears to be twice the tablet but will mean I have to repurchase my apps / games and at first glance the Apps on the iPad seem more expensive than those on the Play store.

    With a primary interest in playing games which tablet would you buy ?

    Thank you kindly in advance for any advice or comments regarding this
    07-20-2016 01:26 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central! Does it have to be brand new, and is it important to you that it be on at least Marshmallow? If not, have you considered looking for a used or refurbished Tab S 10.5?
    07-20-2016 10:56 PM

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