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    I'm UK based and currently have a Giff-Gaff (O2) sim. Where I work is quite remote and has a O2 booster on the roof of the office to get a 2G signal for people at work. Unfortunately when I'm off site at home the signal is awful in the local area and it seems pretty useless in most areas I've visited in the last few months. I had Three previously and they were excellent but there's no signal for Three at my office and there probably won't be any in the short or middle term.

    So I'm questioning whether to get a dual-SIM phone, so I can switch between the two as and when needed. Giff-Gaff when I'm on site. Three when I'm not. But what would happen to my messages/phone calls to my Three number when I'm out of signal area? I think the answer would be that I would not receive them and would have to rely on my Giff-Gaff number for calls and messages in and out. But would just like to clarify before I go any further. Many thanks in advance!
    07-22-2016 08:01 AM
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    Welcome to the forums. A dual SIM phone will be very helpful for you and, in my experience, they work great. You just need to be aware of a couple of things.

    As you must already know, a weak or nonexistent signal will drain your battery. The same applies with dual SIM phones, so better if you keep switching on & off each SIM depending on which area you are on. To make this easier you can create shortcuts in your home screen to go straight to the specific settings sub-menu.

    Depending on the model and your network providers you can set rules to forward calls when each SIM is busy or unreachable. Not sure how this works for SMS though, most likely you'll get them only when the signal is back. Check with your provider if there are any additional costs when forwarding calls.
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    07-22-2016 08:19 AM
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    This may also interest you.
    Multi-Network SIMs
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    07-22-2016 09:44 AM
  4. poleg1959's Avatar
    i also have a dual sim question.
    I have an LG G2 mini whichI love.
    I spend half my time abroad.
    Does anyone know if I am able to do call forwarding on just one of the 2 sims, whilst leaving the other off forwarding
    08-21-2016 03:07 AM

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