1. elkslare's Avatar
    I went to verizon and they down loaded a app to my droid (very first droid the original so it does not have wireless) they told me I had to come to this site to down load a app to my lap top and hook up cord droid to the laptop???? Cant find what to down load. Side note: I am not very tech savy

    Thanks in advave for any help
    03-23-2011 10:50 AM
  2. mclarryjr's Avatar
    If I'm understanding you right you just want to be able to connect your phone to your laptop. What do you need to access the sdcard?

    You shouldn't need any app just try connecting your phone to your laptop and select disk drive as your connection option (should pop up on phone when connected)
    03-23-2011 11:07 AM
  3. rjack22's Avatar
    Do you want to use your Droid as a modem to connect your laptop to the Internet? If so you need a data cable, drivers on your laptop for your phone, and an app to connect. I use Easy Tether.

    As stated above, if all you want to do is see and transfer files to your SD card then you don't need any software, just a driver and the data cable.
    03-23-2011 12:57 PM
  4. tony bag o donuts's Avatar
    Welcome aboard.
    What are your intentions?
    It seems to me that the rep didn't want you to waste money paying for tethering and that you could use easy tether or pdanet.
    03-23-2011 12:59 PM
  5. elkslare's Avatar
    My son and I are headed to Arizona on a road trip and I thought it would be nice to have Internet on my lap top.So once it was hooked up I would be able to use the internet on my laptop threw the phone. need to work on google earth ect.
    03-23-2011 01:49 PM
  6. mclarryjr's Avatar
    You should be able to use PDA net from the market which is free to get your laptop online using your phone. After you download the app connect your phone to pc and follow the instructions from the app.
    03-23-2011 02:25 PM
  7. jaybar's Avatar
    I don't mean to hijack this thread but PDA Net is no longer in the
    Market. Anyone know how I can get it?
    03-23-2011 09:47 PM
  8. takeshi's Avatar
    very first droid the original so it does not have wireless
    Does not have wireless what? The Droid has 3G, WiFi and bluetooth. What "wireless" are you referring to?
    03-24-2011 09:41 AM