1. mariagvr's Avatar
    Hello So, the problem is: I use an HTC One m9, and recently I discovered that my laptop modifies (resize) the pictures that are transferred from phone. I don't have any program that might resize photos automatically, or maybe it's something hidden.
    I hope that you guys will help me, please all of my photos are taken with my phone, and it's very frustrating to see them modified....and who knows, maybe I cannot resize them back and they will be lost... if you know any sollution for bringing the photos back at their quality, that would be awesome....
    thank you
    08-15-2016 04:39 AM
  2. nahoku's Avatar
    How are you transferring the photos to the PC? USB cable? If so, resizing shouldn't happen as you're just copying the photos to the PC. If you read the details (exif data) of the photos on the phone, and then compare the exif data on the PC, are the sizes actually different? I guess I'm asking what makes you think they're being resized?
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    08-15-2016 05:12 AM
  3. mariagvr's Avatar
    USB cable, yes. Just copy and paste Yes, the sizes are very different, for example, on the phone the picture resolution is 5376x3024, on the pc it becomes 512x288.
    what makes me think they are being resized is the fact that they are a lot smaller than they should be.
    Also, what I discovered is that the pictures that had been taken with a Samsung Galaxy S4 are also smaller. So, I guess, it really is something from my laptop.....
    08-15-2016 04:10 PM
  4. Mooncatt's Avatar
    Are you sure you're not somehow measuring a thumbnail preview and not the actual image? Or perhaps getting a thumbnail file off the phone?

    I've never heard of a simple copy/paste causing a size change.
    08-15-2016 04:25 PM
  5. mariagvr's Avatar
    i am not measuring any thumbnail, i am not new to this things, i never heard about that either, that's why I am looking for help. I don't know what can cause this, at least I hope that you guys can recommend me something to bring my photos back to normal
    08-15-2016 04:44 PM
  6. nahoku's Avatar
    Totally strange... I've also never heard of file transfers resizing like this. Tough one since this is not a normal thing! Tend to also think thumbnails are being transferred, although I have no idea why/how.

    When you view the Camera folder in Windows Explorer using "Details" view, does the size of the photos show up ok... in megabytes?

    What happens if you drag and drop (instead of copy/paste) one of the photos from the phone to your PC. Does the size still change? What about photos taken off the SD copied to the PC? Same thing?

    at least I hope that you guys can recommend me something to bring my photos back to normal
    I'm hoping all your photos are still on your phone and you didn't delete them yet.
    08-15-2016 06:54 PM

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