1. bob4al's Avatar
    This is a bizarre problem and I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas. I am using the Moto XPE without a screen protector and without a case running 6.0.
    On occasion and I really mean randomly, could be once a day, could be a dozen times a day, the bottom portion of my keyboard will freeze when attempting to write a text message or an email. This affects only the bottom of the keyboard like the space bar, period, enter and comma key areas. All other areas of the keyboard are fully functional. I could see if this was a one-off situation that happened with a specific app and/or specific keyboard. However it happens whether I use Swiftkey, Google keyboard, Swype, or Touchpal AND whether I use Yaata messenger or Mood messenger or Gmail. It also freezes if the phone is in portrait or landscape mode so I don't think it's a display issue with the bottom of the screen if the problem happens in both rotations. Anyone else ever encountered this issue??
    09-28-2016 07:58 PM
  2. Javier P's Avatar
    It could be a conflict with another app installed in your phone. I remember reading reports about apps like Clean Master or DU booster causing weird issues on the keyboard. If you have any similar app disable it temporarily and see what happens. Also, you could check which apps have 'draw over other apps' permission and see what shows up.
    09-28-2016 08:07 PM

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