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    Hello everyone!

    First of all, I'm totally new to Android, I don't have any Android phone, I just have to setup for one of my client. On other type of phones, the exhange synchronization works well (this is the first Android phone at the company).

    So, my problem: after setting up the Exchange mailbox, user cannot receive mails, but can send. The Calendar and the Address book is synchronized well. After a while, only 1 day incoming mail is synchronized, but only yesterday. If I change the settings to synchronize for 3 days, then it synchronizes from yesterday to back 3 days. The folders in the mailbox is visible, but if I try to synchronize them, I get an error message: server connection failed.

    What I tried:

    delete and setup the mailbox again
    with realmb, installed the certificate to the web browser, to try the exchange in a browser (although I installed, I cannot open it)
    security settings in the mailbox setup

    The phone:

    Samsung Galaxy Mini,
    firmware 2.2.1
    build froyo.xwka8

    The mail server:

    MS exchange 2003 with OMA

    I googled a lot, I have read that others have/had this problem too, but no one wrote any solution to this problem.

    Thanks in advance
    03-31-2011 09:23 AM
  2. bernalillo's Avatar
    In our active directory environment we traced the intermittent failure of LAN clients accessing our exchange server to a Galaxy. The Galaxy recieved a dhcp assignment but began resonding to dns request for our exchange server so ~50% of the time clients would get the same errors (unable to connect to exchange as they bounced off the Galaxy) so all LAN users were having intermittant problems connecting to exchange.

    We wasted a lot of time assuming it was a DNS error since clearing the ARP table would clear it up for a time. On further inspection the ARP tables were showing the right ip address for the exchange server but the MAC address was wrong. We looked up the MAC address in the DHCP leases and tracked down the culprit. Once we turned it off our email system returned to full function. We have the Galaxy blocked from our network now and are trying to figure out why (or at least how) it is behaving this way.

    So far all settings we have checked look correct. If anyone else out there gets a line on thsi I'd love to know. For now all Galaxys are banned from our network and I am uneasy about any other android tablets.

    09-19-2011 11:52 AM