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    I have Android 2.1 and have been using Dolphin HD as my main phone browser.
    My laptop runs Ubuntu 10.10 using Firefox 4.

    I was pretty happy to hear that the latest version of Firefox can sync passwords and other info between computers and android devices, too bad the the android app isn't up to scratch compared to Dolphin, which I have been using for a while now.

    I'm not against switching browsers, provided they work well, so just tried installing Opera on both my phone and laptop. It seems that it can sync bookmarks and other data but not passwords. Damn.

    I tried keepass also but it took a while to get it to run in Ubuntu and doesn't seem very stable. There's a linux port called KeepassX but I'm not sure if that will sync to the android app. Anyway the android app is pretty clunky, no autofill meaning you have to copy/paste everything, For some reason the browser deletes the username I've pasted when I go back to copy the password. grrrrr

    LastPass seems much slicker on the laptop end of things but requires I pay a monthly fee for a premium account for access to the android app, which I don't want to do.

    Are there any other apps/options for doing this with my setup? I want to change all my passwords to something stronger (that I probably won't remember) so would love a slick solution that isn't a PITA to use (I don't mind if it takes a bit to set up ).

    03-31-2011 10:16 PM
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    It seems like KeepassX on ubuntu works a lot better then the linux version of Keepass.
    Combine it with dropbox and the android keepass app seems to be working well. I didn't realise it before, but when you go to a site from your keepass directory 2 notifications come up in the notification bar: "copy username to clipboard" and "copy password to clipboard" It makes it much easier then I thought when you're in the browser.
    04-01-2011 10:47 PM