1. MrNighttime's Avatar

    Everything was working fine. Then two days ago, my email on both my Samsung android phone and Nook stopped working. I can neither send or receive. I have checked settings, rebooted, searched for answers, and cussed wildly. Nothing works or is a help.

    What do I need to do to fix this?
    11-18-2016 02:14 PM
  2. Ecm's Avatar
    Microsoft recently started rolling out an upgrade to their Outlook.com service, which includes your Hotmail. This may be your issue. The server has changed and is now outlook.office365.com. Changing that worked for me on 2 of my 3 accounts. One of them had to be deleted and re-added, but is functioning fine now.
    11-18-2016 04:45 PM
  3. MrNighttime's Avatar
    And how do I change it?
    11-18-2016 10:18 PM
  4. cykodelik_75's Avatar
    In which ever email app used, go to settings > exchange server settings > exchange server and change it from "m.hotmail.com" to "m.outlook.com".
    12-01-2016 11:15 PM

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