1. anon(10101873)'s Avatar
    Help me out! I tried installing BusyBox on my xperia e3 (D2212) and a message pop-up appears, saying it was not successful and that I need to choose a different path to resolve the issue, yet i've tried using different paths but still the same message pop's-up. TELL ME WHAT SHOULD I DO.
    12-06-2016 03:15 AM
  2. anon(632115)'s Avatar
    Are you rooted?
    12-06-2016 03:57 AM
  3. lukasmondo's Avatar
    I have the same problem. I have downloaded and installed BusyBox apk from market. I opened it and I preesed Install button and I get, that the installation of BusyBox was not successful. I have Sony Xperia E3 D2203 and I am rooted with Kingroot. I tried different versions of BusyBox and different apks to install it. I tried a FlashTool for Sony devices too, but it still not work. What I should to do? Can you help me?
    02-01-2017 10:02 AM

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