1. ncsmall's Avatar
    At the moment I am attempting to use an older phone which is no longer functional on the phone network (it's a Galaxy Note 3) as a home streaming box, using an MHL connector and HDMI TV adapter.

    This so far works well except for the issue that there is no remote, so I have to stand beside the TV to use it, and of course no USB possibility either. I have therefore been trying to find a Bluetooth remote keyboard option.

    The one I have here is a 1ByOne and it works fine as a remote keyboard except there is no way to scroll. There is a version of this with touchpad but I am told that this will not work for scrolling either, at least not on Android. So you can't select anything from a list, e. g. of Youtube videos, without going over to the TV and working with the phone. .

    Does anyone know of Bluetooth Android keyboards that would do the job and support scrolling ?

    Thanks in advance for your help !

    12-14-2016 05:48 PM
  2. nahoku's Avatar
    If THIS is the keyboard you're referring to, then according to questions asked, the touchpad does support 2-finger scroll. Search the questions for "scroll"

    The keyboard I use (came with a case for my tablet), is no longer available on Amazon, but the touchpad also does 2-finger scroll.
    12-15-2016 04:00 AM
  3. anon(10617933)'s Avatar
    You can scroll with two fingers on the touchpad of a bluetooth keyboard on Android. I'm doing it right now on my Moto G7 - Android 9.0.

    How to? Press your right finger on the touchpad right cuadrant/zone and keep it still, then move up or down the left finger on the left cuadrant (or the reverse left-right). With "cuadrant" I mean an aproximate space on the left or right.

    One finger frozen on one side and the other slide up or down on the opposite side of the touchpad.
    07-11-2019 01:20 PM