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    I recently rooted my Samsung Galaxy core 2 duos GT-i8262 android phone with the help of iROOT app. Kinguser app got installed automatically in my phone by default. (I haven't unlocked Bootloader yet).

    My phone earlier had only 842 MB RAM. Now i want to increase it so that my phone doesn't lag in future. I have 32 GB memory card in my phone. When i tried ROEHSOFT Ram Expander (Free Version) in my phone, it said that "Your KERNEL is not Swap Compatible".

    My kernel version is -

    se.infra@SWDA2312 #1
    SMP PREEMPT Fri Sep 26 15:34:29
    KST 2014

    My questions are-

    1. What do i do now ? How do i make my Kernel version SWAP Compatible to that i can get more ram?
    2. I used LINK2SD app to transfer data to memory card but it showed me "SWAP partition no found" and "App2SD is not supported by your device. Because your device has a primary external storage which is emulated from the internal storage. You can link the app in order to move its files to your SD card." why is this?
    3. When i try to install BuSYBOX and KERNEL Adiutor in my phone, it shows Insufficient Storage while i have almost 3.5GB left for application space. What could be the problem?

    Please help me.
    01-26-2017 09:58 AM

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