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    Galaxy Edge. Wrote an Xamarin Forms App, that writes to storage, creates a .png file.

    Went into settings/storage/explore/myfolder. Click on the png file, it opens, I have the date and time, in text, on the image (2:20 PM). Run the app again, (it will create a new .png file, with the current time 2:24 PM on the image). My app does an email, before sending the email, I open the attachment, and see the 2:24 pm time. Send the email, exit app. Again go to settings/storage/explore/myfolder. open the png file, it is showing 2:20 PM. I am viewing as 'Detailed list", and see a file time of 2:24 PM, even though the text in the png file shows 2:20 PM. I have the File Manager App, In Internal Storage\myfolder, the file has a time of 2:24 PM. I open the file, and the text on the image is 2:24 PM.

    What the heck is going on here, why am I seeing two different versions of the file. Are Settings\storage, and File Manager looking at two different locations?
    01-31-2017 01:54 PM

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