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    Hello all, first post here looking for some help.

    Note 4 android version 5.0.1 (won't allow me to update further)

    I have a Verizon Note 4 phone I am using on T-Mobile network. I have been using the phone this way for over 30 days. I get 3-4 bars at any given time and the phone pretty much stays in the same area at all times (give or take 100feet). I get download speeds of 20-35mbs off of a Verizon tower so no problems with signal.

    I live in a very rural area in Texas with only Verizon towers around.

    My internet works great on the phone and USB tethered to my computer using FoxFi key app (original Verizon tethering won't work due to the T-Mobile sim).

    The problem I have is when I make a phone call. As soon as I make a phone call the 4G LTE symbol (with 3-4 bars of signal) on the phone goes from white to grey 1x as soon as it starts to dial and stays that way while I'm on the phone talking. As soon as I hang up the 1x goes away and the signal symbol changes, sometimes its H+, sometimes its 3G both of which are always grey and won't allow me to use the phone for calls or internet. Rarely it will go back to the 4G LTE signal. Even when it shows the H+ and 3G greyed out it still shows at least 3 bars of signal.

    I have found a work around that works SOMETIMES. I go into settings > more networks > mobile networks > network mode > select LTE/ CDMA or LTE / GSM / UMTS until I get the 4G LTE signal back then switch back to the GLOBAL network so I can use internet and make phone calls again. This doesn't always work, sometimes I have to restart the phone and hope it finds network again other times I have to just wait for it to find network again.

    Anyone have a permanent fix?
    02-27-2017 03:26 PM

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