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    I have a droid pro using froyo and I assume Motorola's stock Blur- No rooting- I also have a gmailaccount which is controlled by its own Icon on my home screen. In the email setup, I've added a roadrunner pop email account and a a microsoft exchange account (Webmail based on the Microsoft cloud).... When i go into my exchange account after a while it will show a lengthy list of read and unread emails of course, but suddenly it started doing the following: It will show the list and when the red circle is spinning as it searches for new emails, it suddenly kicks me out to the email account screen where the text, Roadrunner and exchange account icons are- no matter which email account I choose, it starts to search for more in that account - then kicks me back out- I cannot even open an existing item-

    FYI this does not happen with gmail account- any thoughts ? My only solution has been to delete the two email accounts and re-create them
    04-16-2011 10:17 AM
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    I suggest installing a "one client does all"

    There is an e-mail app. Called enhanced mail. It's 10 bucks, but might solve your issue. Haven't used it personally, but the review on this site looks ok.

    Also, there is sometimes a setting, called "session time out". Basically it means, if it can't connect properly with whatever server, it bails out. Not sure if android mail programs have this. It would probably be located in the mail settings if it did.
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    04-16-2011 11:00 AM