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    Bought our daughter an LG k8 which is running on android 6.0.

    We bought her an sd card which is in it, but she has not got much on it and i am getting a low storage warning which is resulting in no more room to do anything else.
    How if i can set it to sd storage default or move pictures games etc to sd card, because i have googles it but no joy so far? Whats the poit of having sd storage if cant put stuff on there and the mobile is deemed not usable because of no space?
    Any help on this would be brilliant thank you?
    03-06-2017 01:22 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central! The SD card is primarily intended for storage of media files like photos, videos, and music, or document files. Apps have to be installed to Internal Storage, which is why it's important to get a phone with a good amount of internal storage if installing lots of apps is a priority. Some phones allow the user to move apps to the SD card, but be aware that this only moves a portion of the app (and it's often a fairly small portion), because the main part of the app has to remain on Internal Storage. To see if the phone supports this feature, go to Settings>Apps, select a number of apps, and see if any of them have a Move to SD button. If none of them do, then the phone doesn't support the feature.
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    03-06-2017 03:07 AM
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    SD card is not the ideal location for apps. Cards are generally slower and less reliable than internal memory. Its best to leave the app in internal memory and read/write the app media files to/from SD.

    As mentioned above not all apps and all "parts of apps" are SD card transferrable. For an app that has "pieces" of it split up in different locations... isn't it more taxing and inefficient for the CPU to have to go back and forth between the two storage locations?

    So before resorting to SD card app transfer, you should uninstall (or at least clean, clear, deactivate) apps you don't really need or use... Out of the box there will be quite a few if you are on a Verizon LG K8. Some of that carrier bloatware is also a back door for them to mess with things too. Even though you may not actively use the app, it just being there with factory permissions granted can use memory. So you should do a clean sweep, dial down and throttle back where possible.

    FWIW Facebook is the most guilty offender I have encountered, the initial download is not too big, but it quickly gets bigger and bigger. 16G isn't much to start out with, the way todays' apps bloat themselves out over time.

    There are additional overall benefits too... battery life, speed and responsiveness...Probably others I am forgetting.

    Settings => Storage & USB => Internal Storage => Apps

    From there dial back anything thats not needed. Here's what mine looks like at the moment:
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    03-06-2017 10:37 AM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Excellent info from @kramer5150!
    03-06-2017 12:16 PM
  5. valleyboy22's Avatar
    Thanks for the replies.

    My daughter is to young for Facebook so that won't take storage. I thought you could transfer all to sd if had one because I got the s7 edge with a fast translate which i find ok.
    We will just have to limit what she can put on it to keep space free
    Thanks again
    03-06-2017 12:51 PM
  6. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Sorry, but only certain devices on Marshmallow have the ability to use the SD card as part of the phone's Internal Storage (which is called Adoptable Storage). Samsung and LG opted not to implement this feature, which is probably wise, since SD cards are generally not the most reliable kind of memory. As you can imagine, it's not a great idea to incorporate memory that has more chance of corrupting or crashing into the phone's Internal Storage.
    03-07-2017 01:32 AM
  7. makkoamal's Avatar
    The best and easy thing we can do is to expand the internal storage which is actually possible with adoptable storage search you just need a pc and adb to run some commands which can be found in xda developers website
    After completing your memory card would be formatted and used as internal now migrate all internal data to sd Wollaaa!
    03-10-2018 06:31 AM

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