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    hello, just bought my first used android phone.
    Its a samsung j5 sm-j5000FN, android 5.1.1 kernel 3.10.49.xxxxx
    I was an iphone 3GS owner, and have no clue on androids !

    I did a hard reset on the phone, and i see that it is loading some junk apps
    even after hard reset. First it loads the junk apps like pizzaDE and then loads the phone
    operating system.

    I was told the phone is not rooted, and that i must root the phone !

    Can anyone explain to me detailed and simple, how to do it, where to get the apps to run it,
    what to run first and what to select so i can clean all junk from my phone, and if possible
    remove any other unwanted apps please ?

    Do i need wifi enabled for this ? I also have a microSD 4GB card and want to run apps or store apps on it to free more phone memory.

    Would be great to hear your help.

    03-16-2017 07:00 PM

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