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    For whatever reason my new Moto G4 Play has issues connecting to a Mac via USB. I've read that this can be a common problem with some of the newer Android OS's.

    Apparently Wifi if the most consistent method. I'm looking for suggestions on the best free Wi-Fi file transfer App. Something that is able to display my Android's file explorer on my Mac, and then allow me to drag and drop selected files onto the computer would be ideal. Thanks.
    04-06-2017 12:20 PM
  2. jasonandrews25788's Avatar
    04-06-2017 12:53 PM
  3. kramer5150's Avatar
    I use airdroid over my wifi. You have to log into it and create an account, from there you can access your phone files using a www browser.

    I am not sure how it works outside my home wifi, using my LG V10 as a wifi hotspot for my MAC.

    AFIAK there is no straight up copper-cable over USB solution... so long as OSx rejects AFT.

    The other thing you might want to look into is USB OTG, using a thumb drive to mechanically transfer files. I haven't tried this yet, it seems straight forward but I do not know if Android drive-file structure is compatible with OSx.
    04-06-2017 12:57 PM
  4. smvim's Avatar
    I like AirDroid, it's well supported with a good history. It also makes it simpler to connect to different computers than via USB as you don't have to worry about which platform, which version of the operating system, what drivers might be necessary, nor any MTP/PTP/mass storage settings. I can connect my phone to a Linux, Mac, or Windows system using a WiFi connection. Also, it makes no difference which browser -- Firefox, Chrome, Chromium, Opera, IE, Edge, Safari, etc. all work fine.

    You do NOT need to create an AirDroid account to use the app, it works perfectly well just over the a local WiFi connection. The account method is for remote access where your file transfers take place over the Internet through their online servers. If all you want or need to do is transfer files directly between your mobile device and your computer, don't bother to even set one an account with them. I've been using the AirDroid app for years now, without ever setting up an account, and never had a problem.

    Basically all you need (a local WiFi network being a given) is the AirDroid app on your G4 and that's it. Some OTA file transfer solutions require some driver or utility also installed on the target computer but all that's needed on the computer is a web browser. Start up AirDroid on your phone, when it comes up on screen you'll see the reference to AirDroid Web | Manage your phone on web so you want to just ignore that (that's what you'd use if you connect through a previously set up AirDroid account) and directly beneath that is an IP address with port number, with the IP address being based on your local network DHCP. For instance mine shows as Yours might be something like, or whatever. The IP is based on whatever IP address your G4 has been assigned by your wireless router's DHCP and the port number 8888 is just the port that AirDroid uses as its default (and if you even care to, you can go into the AirDroid app's Settings menu to change the port number to whatever you might need for some reason). Anyway, just type that exact address into your Mac's browser, hit Enter and then a browser tap will fill up with a representation of your phone. (There a lot of other things you can do beside file transfers, like remotely use your G4's camera, texting, etc.)
    If you want to streamline the process down even more (at least when you're at home, this of course doesn't necessarily apply elsewhere), use your router's set up menu to give your G4 an assigned IP address so it always receives the same one whenever you're connected to your home network. Now save that IP address and port number as a bookmark in your browser. At that point whenever you want to connect your phone and computer just start up the AirDroid app on your phone, click on the bookmark in your Mac's browser, tap the confirmation message (the app does ask you to confirm or deny the connection), and then use the browser window to do your file transfers. When you're done just close the browser tab on your computer and quit the app on your phone.
    04-06-2017 02:11 PM
  5. kramer5150's Avatar
    cool info, thanks!!
    04-06-2017 03:26 PM

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