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    I read the rooting info on the site and to root or not to root. I am pretty sure I want to, but not for the reason of making my phone faster or install some app. I am sure I would like that stuff eventually. My main issue is wanting to get rid of the preloaded apps that I don't use. like peep, footsteps, amazon mp3, skype and numerous others. Is it worth the work and time of rooting my incredible to do that or should I just suck it up. Thanks all.
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    04-21-2011 10:12 PM
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    For the Incredible, there are four great options to removing bloatware. All require root.

    First, Root and get Root Explorer or another root aware file manager and rename all the bloatware.apk's to bloatware.apk.bak . This will remove the app from the system and allow you to put it back easily if you need or want to in the future.

    2nd, Root and buy the premium Titanium Backup and just freeze the bloatware.

    3rd/4th, Root and load either Virtuous or Nothing Special, both are stock HTC ROM's with the bloatware removed. Be sure you make a nandroid of your original stock ROM and make a couple of copies in safe places so you can go back to stock easily if you need to. (If you lose it it's not a huge deal there are stock images available to re-flash stock and un-root.)

    Also check out the Incredible ROM's and Hack's sub fourm!

    Good Luck!
    04-21-2011 10:33 PM