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    I just switched from a Windows phone to an LG v20. T-Mobile couldn't move my contacts so I left and logged onto my own Gmail account. Later on I see all her 327 contacts as my contacts. I have never logged onto my Gmail from her device. I need to stop this so that I can add my own contacts.

    I would really like to know why this happened, and how to prevent it. Google's hatred of my privacy is the reason why I put up with a Windows phone for as long as I did. But I just couldn't take it anymore. I like the phone but this is a real problem for me. I'm wondering what decisions Google will make for me next. Will they start adding my personal stuff to her Android phone?

    Also if I have ever logged onto my Gmail from her laptop I am certain that I would have done it from private browsing with Firefox browser and closed it out afterwards. I love the phone and really want to like Android, please help.
    04-14-2017 02:40 PM
  2. bmhillegass87's Avatar
    Hi Makeil!

    Welcome to the forums and Android! I'm a long time windows fan/still a current user. But, I primarily use iOS and Android now since quite frankly "they work better" than Windows Mobile.

    The first thing that really jumps out at me about your post is some type of settings issue in Google Contacts. Is there a chance she would have shared her contact list with you without any knowledge? For example, my wife and I share Google Calendars and we can see each others appointments. While this is intentional, the only way to make it happens was through Google Calendar settings (web version).

    On your LG device, can you visit the contacts application? Look for 3 ellipses on top of each other (usually top right corner). Look for 2 options. Either "contacts to display" and see if you can hit a customize button to see what accounts are linked. Or, just "settings" and see what the default account for new contacts is.

    Lastly- go to the settings application > and scroll till you see accounts > see if there are multiple Google accounts in there.

    I feel very strongly though there is contact sharing going on somehow behind the scenes. Let me know what you find out!

    Great choice on the V20!
    04-14-2017 03:15 PM

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