1. janoye's Avatar
    Hello everybody.

    My new phone arrived today and i have an issue.

    How can i move my messanger from my old phone to my new one along with my conversations etc.

    Please note that i've used messenger without facebook account, only phone number.

    Help. Please.
    04-20-2017 04:20 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Are you talking about SMS messages? Try using SMS Backup & Restore on your old phone to backup your text messages. Then use it on the new phone to restore them.
    04-20-2017 06:46 PM
  3. janoye's Avatar

    Apologies for not specifying. I'm talking about chats with people using facebook.

    Is there a way to transfer the app and the data to my new phone?
    04-20-2017 07:09 PM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    I don't use FB Messenger myself, so I don't know for sure -- but wouldn't the conversations be stored on their servers? So if you install FB Messenger on another device and log into your FB account, do the conversations automatically show up there? This is how it works on Hangouts, at least.
    04-21-2017 11:34 AM
  5. janoye's Avatar

    Like I've said in my first post I used it without facebook account. I don't use facebook at all.

    But yes. You're correct that they are stored there and if i was using FB there would be no issue.
    Sadly me and facebook don't get along
    04-21-2017 03:27 PM
  6. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Sorry, when you said "chats with people using Facebook," I automatically thought you were using the FB chat. My initial response still stands -- if you're using FB Messenger as your default SMS texting app, then the best way to bring those SMS messages to a new phone will be with an SMS backup app like the one I suggested. SMS messages are stored in an SQLite database in a protected system directory, so there isn't a discrete file you can manually copy to another device.
    04-21-2017 06:39 PM
  7. janoye's Avatar
    Sadly, sms backup apps are not getting the job done.
    When i try it shows 0 messages since my sms are cleared, but all the chats in messanger are still there.

    I found something like https://www.android-recovery.net/tra...d-devices.html

    "However, to read old chat logs on a new Android requests you to transfer messenger history between Android devices."

    I havent tried it but from what i see in the pictures it doesn't seem to have an option to move just one app, and i really don't wanna clog my new phone with old stuff, but i will install it and see for myself.

    Any other software that could do it?
    04-21-2017 09:05 PM
  8. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Hmm, the SMS backup apps should work. On the old phone, are you saying that all of the SMS messages are still present on FB Messenger? Did you disable the stock Messaging app? If so, try re-enabling it, then open it. Do you see the SMS messages showing up there? If you do, then try running the SMS Backup app again.
    04-22-2017 12:32 AM
  9. janoye's Avatar

    I kind of gave up and just readded my contacts and everything on the new phone turns out it was much faster then all the hassle...

    Thanks anyway for your time and all the help.

    B. Diddy likes this.
    04-22-2017 06:03 PM

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