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    I know all the steps , but they are meant for fully functional phones.
    Mine has a damaged screen which is completely off and digitizer is working in most of the areas. The inner layer of glass somehow cracked and caused all of this. Phone boots normally and I can get it in Fastboot mode where it responds to commands. ADB is not available because USB debugging is off.
    I tried different things and looked all over XDA and nothing worked out - except for Erase Userdata. I know that's not enough and data can still be recovered. The problem is that I already filed a claim , where I was asked to describe the damage and selected "cracked screen". I'm due to send it back , but super uncomfortable if I'm certain it's all gone.
    If I was to keep it they would charge the full price and if u was to break it physically or burn I assume the same.

    Remote screen didn't work, flashing recovery , roms etc via Fastboot neither.
    Only 2 commands that were accepted were erase cache and erase Userdata.

    Any constructive idea is much appreciated.
    04-21-2017 03:38 PM

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