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    At my current job, they use ADP Payroll Service (https://online.adp.com/portal/login.html). Unfortunately, I was unable to log into the service to check my timecard or my paystubs. Every time I would log in from my Samsung Galaxy S8 phone from the already installed webbrower (simply titled "Internet"), I would get this message, "This application requires Adobe Flash Player. Get Adobe Flash Player - Get Flash". This was very frustrating after I just spend over $700 for this new phone. I even tried connecting through Google's Chrome from the phone, to no avail. I finally tried my daughter's iPhone S7 Plus and was able to log into the site. I realized though, it was a scaled down version for mobile devices. I discovered there is an ADP app that you can download from the Play Store "ADPMobile". This will allow you to access your paystubs and timecards directly from your Android device. Very convenient!
    04-29-2017 02:26 PM

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