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    Friends problem and I am to new to the Samsung Galaxy S8+ to help her. Okay I hope I explain the problem correctly. Sorry if I missed anything. New Samsung S8+. Originally she connected the car to iPhone 7 Plus for music as that is the phone she had before S8+ came out. She bought the S8+ and has been connecting to the car for calls and messages only at first with the S8+. Everything worked fine.

    Then she downloaded a song from the Google Play Store. So now when she starts the car it tries to play the song. She deleted it hoping that would stop her S8+ from automatically hooking up to that song which has been deleted. No luck. It still tries to connect to her S8+ Music which of course there is none. She also cleared the cache on the S8+. Issue still is there.

    It also is interfering with her calls and messages now. It won't let her know she is receiving calls or messages. She just wants to get back to not having the phone connect to the music on her S8+ and being notified of calls and messages on her car when using the S8+. And would like to continue using her iPhone for the music.

    I'm going to send her the link in case you have further questions of her or if I explained anything incorrectly. Thanks to everyone that can give us any assistance with this issue.
    05-02-2017 07:47 PM

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