1. juke_28's Avatar
    I am sure this is a problem for many but I need to ask. I had a Galaxy S4 and upgraded to a S5. In the process of setting up my S5, I went to my Google account and logged in. I pressed lock my phone on the S4 just to see what it was like. I typed in 16 random numbers, I assume I could click unlock from my Google account so I didn't worry. This was not the case. I logged back into Google account and went to same Google find my phone scree and tried to set new password. It came back that the old pw overrides the new one. So I then went to my android device manager and assumed it was set as adm. It wasn't when I tried to change pw on android device manager it said the lock was not necessary and Google verified phone already is locked. I am running out of ideas... I don't care about the actual S4 itself, I just care about the data on it. So a factory reset would do me no good. I would give the phone away or trash it, if I was able to access the info. I don't know if there is a way Google or device manager can change the pw and I am overlooking it or not. Seems the only option I may have left is downloading an Ap to SD card and going into recovery mode and running the AP. I just wasn't sure if there was an easier way. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
    05-04-2017 10:11 AM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    Have you tried from Samsung's Find My Mobile site?
    05-04-2017 12:47 PM
  3. juke_28's Avatar
    That is good advice and I did... Unfortunately I don't think I registered that phone or something. It only seems to recognize my S5 and a different previous phone. Thank you though.
    05-04-2017 01:01 PM

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