1. tascaball's Avatar
    I have factory reset my Blackview BV5000 Android 6.0 many times to try to clear a bug/hack. Initially all is good then the home screen colour & icons change. On reboot a fixed light blue screen with an '@' logo appears as below. Cannot clear this page and do not want to enter! Any thoughts?

    Android 6 BV5000 factory reset fails to solve.-aa-malware.jpg

    I have cleared all cached data on the phone as well but the problem remains. I think a problem area is either SIM Tool Kit (which seems impossible to remove?) Launcher or Theme apps? I also had the problem reoccur when loading Viewranger but I think this is unrelated. The locked light blue screen has what appears to be bogus small print terms & conditions in French. Cannot find any information or images about this locked screen/problem on Google. Do you have any recommedations on how to fully clean my phone for example? What is the best Android security app? Used Norton which failed to clear the problem for example. Thanks for any help.
    05-14-2017 03:12 AM
  2. Tim1954's Avatar
    Try booting up in safe mode and looking for any apps that are suspect.
    You will have to research how to get safe mode on your own device.. You can soft reset it by taking the battery out for a few minutes...
    05-14-2017 03:35 AM

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