1. DCNC Hemp's Avatar
    I have the Samsung Galaxy On5 8g. When I bought it I put a 32GB sd card in it before downloading any apps. Somehow, I've only been allowed to download 8 apps to the device before I get notification or told to removed an app to download a new one. With 8 apps, my sd card only used 543MB leaving me with 29.71 GB left to use; yet my phone is always at 97% storage space. If I start liking stuff on Facebook or Instagram, then it goes up to 99%. I do the smart manager, clear all 18 times a day and restart my phone 20 times a day and that doesn't help.

    I truly don't understand how these app take up space on the device if I moved them to my sd card but they do. I even make sure that after they update to move them back to my sd card.

    Can anyone help? I'm tired of deleting apps daily because I need to download a different app to get work done.
    06-07-2017 02:45 PM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    Well, there's a lot to consider when moving apps to SD Card. First, the app's main file will NEVER be moved to SD card. Ever. That's just how things are on Android now and since a couple versions ago. Not all apps can be moved, and it's up to each dev to decide how much of it, if anything, can be moved (external downloads, media, game saves, etc.). Again, the main file cannot be moved.

    On top of that, app installations and downloads from the Play Store happen in internal memory, even if you move the app to the SD Card later on. App caches, most of the time, reside on internal memory and not on the card. And for app installations, it's a general rule of thumb that you need about 2.5 times the app's size in free storage to let it install (download size, extraction, de-compressing, temporary files, etc.).
    06-07-2017 02:57 PM
  3. DCNC Hemp's Avatar
    So your telling me that I need a new phone with a bigger GB, Ugh. This phone truly sucks. Phone need to stop coming with 8 gb, but only give you 6 to 5 gb after they put there system stuff.
    06-07-2017 04:03 PM
  4. kbz1960's Avatar
    True. My last phone was only 8gb and I constantly got not enough room. Those phones are for people who don't use apps or only a few. Sometimes you get what you pay for.
    06-07-2017 04:34 PM
  5. SpookDroid's Avatar
    You CAN 'hack' the phone (root needed) and make the SD card a part of the Internal Memory, but this comes with the usual warnings for rooted devices (and the security risk and increasing number of apps that block such devices) and for using SD cards as storage (unreliable, cannot take the SD card out of the phone or your apps will go haywire, slower read/write speeds than internal memory).

    As to how to hack it, that depends on the phone and I'm not savvy in these methods (I stopped rooting/modding my devices when they were purchased by myself and warranty was suddenly an issue hehe).
    06-07-2017 04:41 PM
  6. ManiacJoe's Avatar
    The SD cards are best used for your photos, music, videos, and documents.
    Leave the apps on the internal storage.

    For that apps that use lots of data space (camera, maps, GPS, some games), check their individual app settings to see if they let you move their data to the SD card.
    06-08-2017 01:30 AM
  7. Wumble's Avatar
    Link2SD is a pretty good solution, you'll need root acces though
    06-09-2017 11:43 AM

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