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    I have Nexus 6 which I love a lot. I usually use it for reading, annotating and editing some documents on the go. It has 3200 MaH battery. It goes whole day with my normal use if am on WiFi. But if am on 4G, battery drains quite fast which irritates me a lot. This is forcing me to charge it frequently. Am afraid of screwing up the battery of the phone quickly if I continue this. I was thinking of the solution for this. One solution I thought is to go for 4G router or MiFi. But most MiFi are provided by the carriers and hence are carrier locked. This is what I feel pretty bad. So if I change carrier I need to buy another device. I feel putting so much money in getting carrier locked device is pretty bad idea. I hate concept of carrier locked stuff, thats why I have (unlocked) Nexus 6. I found one seller on amazon which sells unlocked MiFis of one of the carriers. It has pretty decent reviews. It also has a SD card slot. Given that Nexus 6 is single sim and has not external SD card slot, this router looks awesome. But there is one problem, it has 1500 MaH battery, which works for 6 hours. Now I have following doubts:

    1. I want to know if there is any non-carrier officially unlocked MiFi routers?
    2. Is there any router with better battery?
    3. The actual question: Is there any other technically better solution apart from going for battery powered unlocked MiFis for non battery draining portable internet connection?

    PS: I will be preferring devices that accepts sim cards instead of data cards.
    07-01-2017 02:36 PM

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