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    I recently bought a new Lenovo Vibe Z2 and i tried to download some apps but they said "Your device isn't compatible with this version" so i tried to update my phone to the latest version but in the "About phone" section, it doesn't have an update software button, only Status, Legal Info, Device info and Security Alert. (The build number has VIBUEI so i think it might be a Chinese version) So naturally i tried to download a .apk file of the apps from my Huawei using Apk Extractor and sending them via Google Drive. When i got the .apk files and tried to open them, i was met with 3 options in ;Continue action using": 9apps (Which just crashed everytime i tried open the file), Package Installer (Which just said Parse Error, there was a problem parsing the package) and Security (Which just said Unknown Application, Resolve Failed) I tried to get the .apk file to open in Google Play Store but it wouldn't let me and the aforementioned 3 are my only options. Help regarding the Update issue is appreciated since i mightn't need to use apks afterward.
    07-29-2017 05:42 AM

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