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    I have a BLU vivo air from my aunt and days after I received it, there is a new version so I successfully updated it to lollipop. I was happy because it has 16gb of memory, twice the size of my previous phone's memory so I downloaded lots of apps but the app store says there's no more space available and that I have to delete apps. I checked my device storage and I saw that the 8gb system storage is full but the 8gb phone storage isn't, I tried to move the apps to the phone storage but I wasn't able because there is no more option. So I tried to look for answers in the internet and I found out that after they updated their blu vivo airs to lollipop, they said that the "move to phone storage" button was removed. Is there any way I can move my apps to the phone storage? I need an answer because I don't want my apps to be just limited to 8gb. Thank you in advance 😊
    08-19-2017 11:58 PM

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