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    I have a Motorola G3 and an SD card with 58 gigabytes of space. However, I cannot download any apps despite the 55 odd gigabytes of space. It just tells me I don't have enough. Is this a problem with the phone or the card, Google play itself? The card is a SanDisk micro SD.
    08-20-2017 12:01 AM
  2. Mooncatt's Avatar
    How much internal storage do you have?

    By default, ALL apps download and install to the internal storage, so I suspect that is what's full. This is how Android is set up at its core.

    You can possibly use the app manager to move apps to the sd card, but this brings up multiple issues. You still have to let it install apps to the internal storage first, it's up to the app developers to let their apps be moved, those that can be moved will still leave varying amounts of data on the internal storage, and moving apps will prevent any associated widgets from functioning. Because of this, it's generally recommended to just leave apps on the internal storage, and save the sd card for media and other stand alone files.

    I just checked, and that phone is fairly low spec'd in storage by today's standards. It comes in either 8 or 16 GB versions. The 8 GB version will leave you little room for any apps because most of that will likely be taken up by the OS itself. The 16 GB would fair better, but even that is low with today's ever growing app storage requirements. So you may simply be hardware limited, depending on your app needs.

    You may have one option available called adoptable storage. This treats the sd card as a true extension of your internal storage space, but I'm not sure if your phone has that ability. It also ties the sd card to that specific device, so you would loose the ability to swap it to other devices.
    08-20-2017 02:08 AM

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