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    How can I get the Market to forget my old phone but remember my apps and give them to me on my new phone?

    I returned a Thunderbolt for an Incredible 2. At some point during set up and initial playing with it, I realized the phone had downloaded a bunch of the apps that had been on my Thunderbolt. I don't remember telling it to do that, but that's fine - that's what I wanted. But a status update told me it had done a "partial" restore of apps or some similar message. Why partial? I don't know. Some error I guess. But I had loads of apps on the Thunderbolt and many are missing from the Dinc2. So I went to the market website on my computer and would look at a given app. It would say I had it installed. But I didn't. And it wouldn't give me the button to install it. Both of my phones show up in the market settings.

    I want to delete the Thunderbolt from my market account so it will stop saying I have those apps and let me have them. But I don't want it to delete the list. I could handwrite out all these apps and then redownload through the phone one by one, but I'm hoping for a simpler and automated solution. Tips?
    05-10-2011 08:39 AM
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    OK the solution here was A.) Time, and B.) manual redownloads of the ones that didn't download automatically for whatever reason. I think it just took some time for the Market to recognize my new phone. Because eventually I was able to go to the "My Library" and "Orders" sections of Market settings via my computer and be offered the Incredible 2 as an option to download to. So I went through item by item and redownloaded them from those lists. Though my list of apps in "My Library" cut off part way through the letter S in the alphabet, I was able to go to the "Orders" section and see a chronological list of what I had originally downloaded to the Thunderbolt and so was able to find and redownload the ones after S in the alphabet. So, not quite resolved, but over with.
    05-10-2011 09:20 PM

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