1. faolon12's Avatar
    so heres whats going on i have minecraft and terraria paid for and installed on my lg g4

    but on my samsung galaxy s4 i have no paid games and minecraft isnt compatible
    with that device
    (i am updated to the newest version of whatever os it used

    also i am very tech savy and heck i dont know whats wrong
    also i used samsung kies to reinstall the os because i got the phone used and it was rooted so i reinstalled it to factory settings
    09-13-2017 10:29 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Apps aren't always compatible with every device. The S4 is pretty old, so it's very possible it doesn't have the right hardware and/or firmware specs for Minecraft.

    Are you saying that none of your games show up on the S4 if you open the Play Store, tap Menu>My Apps>Library?
    09-15-2017 09:50 PM
  3. faolon12's Avatar
    i had minecraft and terraria i uninstalled them to fix them because they stopped working
    so now minecraft isnt compatible and terraria is no longer paid for but on my lg g4 i have my apps paid for
    also i gave my old phone to my little bro
    but id like to know what went wrong maybe its because it was rooted and i used samsung kies to install factory os
    09-20-2017 10:37 AM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    It's possible that you had an older version of Minecraft installed that was compatible, and the only version available now is no longer compatible.

    You didn't answer my other question about any of your other games showing up in the My Apps section of the Play Store app. If nothing else shows up there, then it could be that (a) you have the wrong Google account on the Play Store, or (b) your Google account isn't syncing properly with the Play Store.
    09-20-2017 10:48 AM

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