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    My Note 4 (910H) is completely dead with no sign of life. No lights even when plugged in, no detection on PC/device manager. One repair guy said its the memory IC that has failed, with that term I think he is referring to eMMC chip. If it fails its possible for above symptoms to happen? Other guy has told me that its power IC that has failed, I looked up internet and found out an IC with exact name for my phone exists. Parts are not available locally so I have to import it but I want to be dead sure that eMMC cant cause such dead phone. Do you think failed eMMC can cause those problems(phone complete dead) or not. Phone does not boots at all and plugging in makes it hot/warm near camera.

    How it died?
    Changed ROM and kernel. Disable 3 high performance cores out of 4 total to save power (4 low perf. cores active too) from Synapse app. Phone was all good, left at 60% and I slept. When I woke in morning this happened. Need help so I can place order on new chip from China.
    09-14-2017 09:01 AM

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