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    Not sure where to ask this, looking for help as I am an Android virgin and totally clueless what to look for and how.

    I’ve been using my Lumia 928 for years replaced it with a used Icon the other year, and now I’m ready to jump ship to Android.
    I have an iPad, have used iPhone 7 for a few weeks and couldn’t stand it went back to my Icon - not impressed.

    I’m very intrigued by the Keyone as I miss my old BB 8830, but I’m concerned about / want:
    1 - screen issues with keyone
    2 - working flawlessly on Verizon
    3 - wireless charging
    3 - call reception and clarity are a must
    4 - stereo playback, I love Pandora through speakers or Bluetooth, or even wired headset, depends on what I’m using. Would like to use my phone to also replace my ipod classic as a music player as well.
    5 - camera quality.
    6 - does not need to have keypad

    I know I will miss Cortana reading and responding to text messages without prompting. I drive 50-60k miles a year. Love this feature.

    I really don’t play games on my phone, that’s what the iPad is for - plus my Icon is so old and slow it can’t do much.

    As far as other Android options, how do you choose. So many brands, what are the benefits for choosing Samsung vs Sony vs Blackberry etc.

    10-12-2017 08:38 PM
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    I'll move your thread to the General Help & How To forum, which I think is a better place for it.
    You're right, there is a great range of Android devices available and it can be confusing for a beginner. It was for me, I remember, though I eventually made what proved to be an excellent choice in the Nexus 5 after much research.
    Members will no doubt offer suggestions based on your list of desirables. Feel free to narrow it down further with more, including price.

    Incidentally my own Icon, or Lumia 930 as it is in the UK, is running the latest software and remains smooth and fast.
    10-13-2017 06:34 AM
  3. rasputin01's Avatar
    Looks like I can’t count, I have two #3 😂
    As far as price I’m not too concerned, I’m one of those that buys a phone and keeps it for years.
    One thing that concerns me is one of my oldest boys got a new Galaxy S5 when they came out. Within 8 months he complained about lag and other issues. He eventually ended up getting am iPhone 6+ when they came out.
    10-13-2017 08:43 AM
  4. belodion's Avatar
    Bumping thread.
    10-16-2017 08:09 AM
  5. torbach1's Avatar
    It's almost difficult to remember the first few weeks of transition from WP to Android. I had the Lumia 1020.

    There are a lot of phones out there that are very good. So what's important to you? Screen size? Do you consume video on your phone? I watch a lot of YouTube so love phones with great AMOLED screens like the Samsung's. If security updates are important, I'd stick to either Google Pixel or Blackberry since they're the only two that are pretty much always on time with the monthly updates. If I were making the switch right now I'd probably get either a Pixel 2 or Pixel XL 2. You really can't go wrong with those. They won't have the 3.5mm jack, but they have dual front facing stereo speakers. They have excellent cameras, and they're very easy to modify to your liking.
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    10-16-2017 04:37 PM

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